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Enabling better informed, transparent pathways to work abroad

Just Good Work is a free interactive mobile app, giving job-seekers and workers critical information and advice for everything needed on the journey to work, from recruitment, to employment and life in a new destination, to moving on or returning home.

Key Features

Easy to navigate user interface. Entire app is available offline!

Job, Visa, Medical and Contract Information

Real stories from real people on the same journey

Store documents safely - Keep all your paperwork on you all the time

See everything the app gives you

Why Choose Just Good Work?

Always free and anonymous

Videos/audio to help you see critical information

Simple and clear in a language you can understand

Communicate and provide feedback with inline questions

Key Information and Advice

Get local Help and support at every stage

Constantly updated for our changing times

Avoid debt, deception & exploitation

Know your legal rights and responsibilities

Get access to local helplines and support

In-line questions to help you get to the information you need the most


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“ You will save much, including yourself, by using Just Good Work because you get all the information concerning your destination before searching for a job. ”

Male, 26-30, Interested in working abroad

“ Just Good Work makes it easier for those considering to come here, by giving them the right understanding of what they are getting into. ”

Female, 31-35, Working in Qatar

Our Story

Created by one worker, for workers.

Just Good Work started with one Kenyan worker in Qatar in 2018. He had repeatedly been deceived and overcharged on his journey to work abroad. Wishing he could have known more of the reality of what to expect from the recruitment and employment experience in a new country, he dreamed up the idea of a mobile app, summing it up like this,  "I wouldn’t tell people not to come, I would want them to be able to make better choices."

This idea sparked a journey for our team. We had already been learning about this problem from companies.

The recruitment process and debt bondage stood out time and again as one of the key areas of exploitation, extortion and deception, often leading to modern slavery. It was also one of the least visible and unregulated aspects of supply chains for large companies.

We set to work to build the platform for workers, good employers and labour providers, launching the first pilot version for Kenyans moving to Qatar in 2019.

Get to know more of the story - see the full documentary here.

Our Approach


We believe in empowering job-seekers and workers to be able secure work futures that are safe, profitable and legal, providing guidance at every step of the employment journey, including moving on or the return home.


We have created Just Good Work as a dynamic, interactive tool aimed at increasing knowledge and transparency of the recruitment and employment process, enabling app users and employers to make informed choices.


We know that a tech tool is not enough in itself to bring change, that is why we partner with key organisations and local community groups at grass roots wherever Just Good Work is launched, so that anyone using the app has real people they can go to for support, help and advice.

Who We Are

Just Good Work is an independent, collaborative platform, which seeks to draw others in and provide a tool to promote or enhance existing good work, rather than re-inventing the wheel.

Fifty Eight develop and manage the Just Good Work platform, working closely with partners  around the world. Fifty Eight partners with companies, charities and other organisations to address the challenges of modern slavery and improve working conditions in global supply chains. They reinvest profits into projects that are tackling the root causes of modern slavery.


Ugandan tech accelerator Lift 256, now Refactory, was a key partner at the inception stage of Just Good Work and all our developers are based in Uganda. We believe in creating employment opportunities in areas where people are most vulnerable to being misled into forced or exploitative employment.

Just Good Work is made freely available to all UK employees, employers and labour providers through the collaboration and support of AllianceHR and its partner organisations.

We work with the Anglican Alliance in East Africa and the Gulf to equip and support job-seekers and workers in their parishes through the distribution of the app.

What Just Good Work Does For


Just Good Work can be fully customised to meet the specific needs of your business and suppliers.

Interactive and easily updated pre-departure, induction training and employee handbook.

Multi-lingual audio/visual capabilities to address language barriers or low literacy among staff.

Transparency and feedback from employees from the early stages of their recruitment process, providing your company with full visibility of their journey to work.

Options to support companies of all sizes.


Recruiters and
Labour Providers

We aim to shine a light on good recruiters and enable them to become more effective.

A tailored tool to put in the hands of jobseekers, to ensure they have full knowledge of the process of recruitment and migration.

Approved recruiters to be featured on the platform, enhancing your reputation and visibility among jobseekers and employers.


Charities and NGOs

We want to partner with organisations who are already doing good work and amplify your impact.

Collaborating with multiple organisations on content which can make our collective knowledge and expertise go further, putting regularly updated information and learning in the hands of those who need it most.

Receiving feedback on the recruitment and work experiences of migrant jobseekers and workers to measure, inform and enhance your actions.


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