Enabling workers to make a success of every stage of their employment journey

A dynamic communication, education and engagement tool, demonstrating a pro-active approach to preventing and tackling worker exploitation risks across supply chains.

Ensure employees are conversant with policies and procedures

Pinpoint problems inemployee recruitment

Maximise induction and training efficiency

What Just Good Work Achieves

For Businesses

Demonstrate responsible recruitment

Communicate expectations and policies clearly to employees

Ensure a workforce that is informed, engaged and suited to the work and life made available to them

Reduced on-boarding time and cost through training, induction and orientation content

For Job Seekers

Simple, concise and accurate information throughout their employment journey

Educated on rights and responsibilities at home and abroad and where to access help at every stage

Better equipped to apply for jobs that are genuine, beneficial and appropriate to their skills and abilities

Safe and profitable work opportunities, free from exploitation, deception and debt bondage

“Just Good Work has been an important tool to help us ensure everyone in our supply chain receives the same clear information on rights and responsibilities in the workplace. The Just Good Work team have worked closely with us to adapt and customise the app for the unique needs of our suppliers and their workforces across several locations.”

Simon Platts
Responsible Sourcing Director,


User feedback from the early stages of the recruitment process, providing visibility of their journey into and at work

Open channels to facilitate messaging, anonymised surveys and live feedback across the platform

Document storage.
Give workers a place to store their visas, contracts, medicals and payslips

Interactive pre-departure, induction, onsite training and employee handbook

Cultural and local orientation for
migrant workers

The platform is created on the premise that preventative action is better for everyone

Disrupting deceptive and
abusive recruitment practice

Reducing trauma and shame
for vulnerable migrant workers

Providing a better and more
cost-effective solution for companies


Base level Just Good Work platform is simple, jargon-free text which is easily editable and uses low bandwidth

Video animation to disseminate information though narrative storytelling

Key content available to users offline
regardless of data access

Push notification questions, updates and announcements. Allows for dynamic or time sensitive feedback

Multilingual text and audio provision

Inline questions and checklists that can be anonymised where required

Want to know how Just Good Work can support your business?


“The Just Good Work Platform has been a fantastic addition to our due diligence processes. The pre-departure and post-arrival information enables workers to make more informed decisions.”

Carly Bilsborough
Head of CSR, The Very Group

The benefits of Just Good Work for Your Business

Monitor user interaction throughout the employee journey

Aggregated data and voluntary user feedback gives visibility into the experiences of workers as they journey into your supply chain and while they are there

Consistent live feedback from users

On a broad range of worker experiences enables you to pinpoint gaps and target actions to address the needs, responsibilities and risks associated with each workforce

Responsible recruitment

Increased efficiency and mitigated risk with pre-departure training and assessment to ensure the right people for the right jobs

Real-time visibility

Of the impact or effectiveness of interventions to improve recruitment practices and ensure your workforce are not paying excessive fees when looking for job. Effectively work towards compliance with the Employer Pays Principle

Reduced on-boarding time and cost

Though training, induction and orientation content which can be centrally and easily updated and tailored to your changing requirements

Multimedia and multilingual

Communication allows low literacy users to engage more easily with content and retain critical information

Save on remediation costs

By adopting a proactive, preventative model

Integrated training content

With user experience feedback enables workers to voice concerns and report problems in a non-confrontational context

Our Background

Since 2017 we have worked closely with workers and other stakeholders to develop the Just Good Work mobile platform; empowering migrant job-seekers and workers to make choices based on knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, providing advice, access to help and feedback loops from the earliest stages of their recruitment journey.

Following two years of in-depth research into company engagement on forced labour and modern slavery in 2015 & 2016, the recruitment process strongly emerged as a key area of challenge. These findings were confirmed when we began to talk to workers about their recruitment experiences.

Our Approach


Both workers and companies have been feeding into the content and design of the platform from the very beginning. We use grassroots piloting and distribution models in partnership with local organisations in each country, to establish trust and ensure maximum usability.


We have formed strategic partnerships to pitch the platform appropriately and ensure the information within it is accurate, relevant and timely.

We seek to draw in, amplify and give credit to good existing resources wherever possible.


We believe in creating decent employment opportunities in areas where people are vulnerable to labour exploitation. We also believe that engaging local talent for development will enable the platform to be more targeted and effective in adapting to the nuances and specific needs and opportunities of each location.

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